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Welcome to the Scenery section page 3, offering what we think is essential or the best of the best..

The Eastern Front is a must have for all CFS1 Collectors

By the " Mushy Peas Group"
Steve McClelland, Ralf-J. Triebel and Martin Wright
This elevated mesh scenery was made with TerraBuilder
and features new snow textures for added effect.

Covering a large portion of Poland and Czecheslovakia :
this scenery features 24 airports, active macros , battlefields and more.
This is a mission writers dream come true.

We feature the entire collection of the original 10 releases here in
3 seperate downloads. Instructions and maps are included.


Download1            Download2          Download3



2 missions for the Eastern Front Scenery above :by John Merry

Guernsey Field
By David Summers
a nice representation that includes a small local port
and the town of  Guernsey.
Includes the "Attack at Cherbourg"mission.
Escort the B-17s or die trying

Download ***

Dalton Bomber Base
by Echo Gulf
home of the 428th RCAF Squadron
a nicely detailed piece featuring
multiple structures, trees and vehicles


New Market Bomber Base 1942
by Mike Rennie
made with CFSmap in the design section
a nicely detailed piece featuring
multiple structures, trees and vehicles


Are you a Mission Writer? If you are creating add-ons for Corsica and Italy 1941
Sardinia, Scotland, Norway ,Crete or the Eastern Front
Let us know, we would like to post them here!

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