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      Free ad  for a great company

     that helped so much with

       this Vietnam Project



      Free ad  for a great company
     that helped so much with

       this Vietnam Project



      Free ad  for a great company
     that helped so much with

       this Vietnam Project





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                                                                                           The Vietnam Air War Project for CFS2 page 1
                                                                                 This is a huge project , you are more than welcomed to join in

                                                                                                 75m  Elevated mesh Terrain of Southeast Asia
                                                                                    With over 30 missions and 3 Campaigns
, more coming                                                                                             
                                                                                  An actual historical representation of Airfields, Lz's and more

                                                                       Fly all the great Aircraft and Helicopters of the era in free flight or missions
                                                                                                Vietnam, Thailand , Cambodia, Laos and more
                                                                     Based on Al Simms Original Scenery for Fs2002 and is expanding from there.
                                                                     presently featuring 74 helo LZ's and 35 landing strips with many more to come

                                                              We welcome any scnery designers and mission writers willing to help with the project
                                                                          This is the required download page...see below for more additions

updated or Additional Scenery section here
                                                                                             See some screen shots in the screen shot section
                                                     We have 3 pages of Aircraft and Helicopters of the Era Aircraft page 7, 8 and Aircraft page 9
                                                       See our AI Aircraft and Library object page for Mission writers and GSL Scenery designers
                                                                        We now have a Developers only page for anyone interested in joining in


Below are the downloads that will get you started
You are more than welcomed to contact me here: No Dice
Because this is a scenery conversion....Rivers and roads have required movement, flattens ect.
I am presently adding land and water masks, rivers and roads, flattens and more in the N. , S. and central Viet area

Thanks to "the Great" Martin Wright , Just Flight and Alpha Simulations we now have GSL scenery added
included in the package along with many additional surprises.

See more screen shots on the screen shot page
Initial Downloads for this project :
This is a huge scenery and project, please follow the suggested setup to avoid any problems

You are more than welcomed to contact me here: No Dice if you have any problems with the set up.
Vietnam Air War is intended to be installed as a separate CFS2 installation or else it will not work
This is "not an auto install" process, so please have an hour of free time... a large mug of coffee or 3 beers by your side before you start.
This download includes all of the updates thru 8-17-18, see the Additional pages for updated addons and releases after 8-17-18
See here for scenery updates after 8-17-18 : Add on Scenery
Initial Setup..................
     Minutes Setup
Simple instructions on setting up the required line in your CFS2.cfg file
Fractional minutes required to land on the hello pads. A simple line added to your CFS2.cfg file,
can be turned on and off...sample pic included.  
  Maps, install docs Important maps and docs
  Now we get down to business : All Required

I have attempted to reduce this project to as few downloads as possible updated thru 8-17-18

The below downloads do not include the Aircraft file, they will still have to be downloaded
one at a time. I am hoping that you can simply copy the below and drop it into what ever
Drive you choose, then juat add the other folders to the below to the initial setup folder.

  This is the main Combat Flight Simulator 2 Folder ( initial setup)
  Then drop your Aircraft, Gauges, SceneryDB, Ships and Texture folders below into it.
  Download ****  150mb
  Vietnam Aircraft and Helicopters
    Required AI aircraft for the missions and Campaigns
by Alpha Simulations
easy install

Download ****
    Required Aircraft for the missions and Campaigns
We presently have a wide assortment of aircraft and helicopters
of the vietnam era and will add more in the future.
Click image to link to the Vietnam aircraft page (see CFS2 Aircraft pages 7, 8 and 9)
The 13 flyable Aircraft required for Vietnam Air War are marked as
Required for Viet Air War

Very Important hints and tips for flying aircraft in CFS2
by No Dice
A very important simple read me file


  Gauges folder for the project aircraft
  I am sure that most of these are not required but I really had no way of seperating them
Drop the Gauges folder into your CFS2 folder
Download ****   128mg
Initial SceneryDB The SceneryDB folder including all releases and updates thru 8-17-18, in 4 downloads

This is the order of my line up in the scenery file.

It includes the required and add on scenery thru date 8-17-18

Please note the below instuctions, and drag and drop the folder into the CFS2 main folder
.I use a very fast Win XP Pro , But I know this will work on all versions of Win XP and up.
Turn the Cell Grid "off " when not designing missions or scenery

Download **

Rename part 1 as SCENEDB and download the contents of the others into it
Part 1 download
**   188mb
Part 2 download **   146mb
Part 3 download **   264mb
Part 4 download **   236mb
              Ships This is the main ships folder for the project
  Many are not required but ?? you get them anyway
Download **   30 mb
          Sound Drop the Sound folder into your CFS2 folder
Download **   172 mb
       Main Texture Drop the Texture folder into your CFS2 folder
Download **   17. 3 mb
  Fun options for your enjoyment not required but fun
Opening Video Clip
by Take
Click image to demo
Please read the very simple install instructions
Download ****
Splash Screens
by Just Flight   Click image for sample
Splash screens including Viet ranks ,awards and more
Includes Callsigns and Scuttlebutt dat files, very simple install
Download **** Updated 2-5-17 to include country conig file
  The Missions and Campaigns
Operation Rolling Thunder
by Alessandro Cimenti
21 missions in one campaign
Fly Jets, Props, Helos and more
adapted to the scenery by No Dice
Coming soon *** Please see developers page
  Add-on Ships and Boats not required but fun
US PBR Boat " River Rat " click image for larger view
by Tim Piglet Conrad
Install in your AC folder
Drive it around and shoot up some stuff
or place it into your missions or sceneries

Download**** added 5-16-18
VN US PT Boat click image for larger view
by the Virtual Navy
Install in your Ship and or AC folder
Drive it around or shoot it up
place it into your missions or sceneries

Download**** added 5-16-18
US PT Boat click image for larger view
by Usio Taro
Install in your Ship folder
This is a real Beauty
place it into your missions or sceneries

Download**** added 5-16-18
  We Salute all of the soldiers that served to keep our liberty in the land of the free
American Soldier
By Toby Keith
everyone involved in this project Salutes you all
We Thank you for your service
Click Image to listen

Memorial Day in the USA

In Honor of those that kept us free and fought for liberty.
Song by the Hollies, pic by CaptKurt

Click image to listen

Last Flag Flying

If you get a chance to see this movie, watch it !!
3 Viet Vets get together to bring ones son body home from Iraq
A lot happens along the way, Both funny and tears

Song by Bob Dylan

Click image to listen


Below are non required files, But I think you will want them, they make a huge difference to the Sim.

  Please see our updated or Additional Scenery section here  
  Please see our updated or Additional missions and campaigns here
  Please see our AI Aircraft and Library objects for Mission Writers and GSL scenery Designers here
  See some screen shots on the screen shot page
  We are looking for Mission Writers , Please contact me ( Dave ) at dea14u@aol.com
This Link is for Project developers only   Note:  The projects on the developer page are not complete, so please do not download them unless you want to help with the project
Actual words fom Al Simms, the original creator of this scenery:
There were at least 2 swimming pools at that base and at least one was open to enlisted and officer alike, providing you knew the right people and were invited.
We went to the beach which was also really nice. That was the first 6 months when we were part of the base defense although when TET 1968 started in earnest
and we were operating the radar 24/7 there was not all that much time to do that - still that Sunday afternoon visit to the beach and a cookout back at our site
afterwards was great. After about 6 months we started moving from LZ to LZ and it was not so much fun then.
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