"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

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                                        Welcome to our WW1Aircraft section for CFS1 and CFS2                                  
                                                                    Aircraft Packages

Fokker E.III Eindecker
By Ivan
Includes a nice panel
Original Panel by Phil Perrott
Gauges by Richard Melville

Panel Alterations By No Dice
a must have for any CFS1 hangar

Link to Ivans section for download ****

Belgian Spad VII
By Andrew Hall
Textures, Dp, Air file by A F Scrub
Panel by No Dice
Gauge Package included

Download **

Ansaldo SVA
2 seat Reconnaissance
Aeronautica Militare Italiana
By Angelo Moneta
Textures, Dp by Edmundo Abad

Download ***

RFC Camel Italy 1917
By John Cooper
A nice representation of the era
Includes CFS2 airfile and Dp
Panel by Anon

Download ***

94th AeroSqdrn USA
By Miguel Angel Duarte Lobo
Original AFX by Fred Wohosky
Very Nice Panel

Download ***

Belgian Camel "witte raven" 1917-18
By Jim Goldman and Graham Waterfield
Textures , Air file and DP by A.F.Scrub
Original AFX by Andrew W. Hall

A nice representation of the era
Panel by Anon

Download ***


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